Getting a Mortgage for Your Dream Home

Getting a Mortgage for Your Dream Home

Owning a home is the American Dream. Of course, this requires you to first get a mortgage unless you have won the lottery or have a very wealthy uncle!

Getting a Mortgage for Your Dream Home

Once your mind has been made up that you want to buy a house and you will need a mortgage for that house, the next thing is to follow the steps of obtaining a mortgage. Obviously, the first step is to calculate the amount you will need from the mortgage. Figure out how much the desired house will cost and how much you are willing to put down on the house. These must be done first.

Next is to know which type of mortgage you want to go with. You can choose to go with either fixed or variable rate mortgages. Each of these mortgage types has its own advantages and disadvantages and you should look into the details of each type to pick out the one that will suit your needs best.

Once you know how much you will need and what sort of mortgage you are looking for, shop around. Set aside plenty of time for this. Shop around with as many banks and other lenders as possible. Try to get the best interest rate possible. Also, keep in mind your monthly income. Figure out how much in payments you will be able to handle. If you can handle higher payments every month, look for a shorter mortgage length. This will save you a lot of money in interest. Go for the shortest length possible no matter what based on what payments you can afford.

When you have everything sorted out and know what your payment plan will be, what the length of the loan will be, what the interest rate is, and what sort of loan you’re getting, then you will want to figure out the equity division. Based on how much you’ve put down on the house, that figure is the amount in equity you own versus the total value of the house. For now, the bank owns the rest of the equity. Over time, as the value of the home rises and you pay off the loan, your stake in the equity will rise, allowing you more options with that equity.

Getting a mortgage must be a careful, determined, and well thought out process. It takes time and patience, but you’ll thank yourself when you’ve gotten the right mortgage.

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